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Oh yes, this was an instant favorite, naturally i want someone to make a terrible mash up of this with “heads will roll”

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That special, post-offering moment when the room is saturated with the smells of brandy, honey, and rose, and the idols all have a dewy glow in the light of the soon-gone candles.



i’m just saying, take as many selfies as you want.

there are multi-million dollar companies with old white men as ceos that profit off of your low self-esteem and self-hate. 

destroy them.

love yourself.

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Le Tradizioni Sarde

Boes di Ottana

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Dionysus and the Bacchantes, c.1900

Richmond, Sir William Blake

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I stand on a precipice

i am gold tested in fire

Fires have consumed me

And I have survived

I am sutured

I am shining

I am beautiful

and I am not ready

but I will continue on


I have been in a whole new place spiritually, and emotionally. I feel like I am seeing the personal, lower effects of the work and worship I do on myself. I am still me, never satisfied unless I’m too busy, too emotional, too…

But I handle it all so differently now, I daresay I am on a precipice: a threshold before the next drop, or growth, or death, or whatever will be in store. Katharsis takes time. Katharsis is catalyst. And I am better equipped to handle myself than ever before. So, that means it’s time to kick things up a notch. If I can handle X, I need to get a handle on Y before life thrusts it on me unaware.

As for what that looks like: This year has been a whirlwind of new things, and old cycles. I can see the cycles better than ever before.

I am making new cycles of my own.

My arete praxis? I am extending it. Some lessons will need more than a week to sink in. As a hedonist, beauty came easy, but timing? As if some cosmic joke, I spent nearly three weeks learning about the art and beauty of timing. I am only now beginning brazenness. And oh, I do believe I am brazen.

As for other areas of my faith? Well, Big D does not get pushed aside…ever. I’ve decided, after some divination with a friend, and more divination and prayers, that I will undergo a devotional, month long, partial fast. All whole foods, veggies, fruit, protein, and healthy fats, no processed or added sugars, no grains, rice, dairy, alcohol, or any inflammatory vegetables. I am surrounded by food, I love food, and food is really the last body issue “thing” I struggle with; al of my previous fasts have been shorter, cutting out one thing or so at a time. This will be a challenge, I will be physically exhausted, especially since I will continue to go to the gym four days a week, offer Big D and the theoi their libations, will be going doing business weekends, camping out of state, and it will be my birthday.

I need to prove that my will and resolve are as strong as I feel they have become. I need to prove that Dionysos, and my ability to serve Him comes before any pleasures I receive, or any limitations on my part. And in the process, I will detox my system pretty thoroughly, I will be cleaner, for the gods, I will be purified (like gold).

I will continue my arete praxese, I will fast for Dionysos. I will finally contact local Hellenics, if only for a few brief encounters, and to give it the old, proper, college try. I will continue to go about working my two jobs, both of which I love, go to the gym, and also pray and libate to my AOs, the gods of hedone, the local spirits, and Pantes Theoi. I will continue to set new goals for myself, educate, facilitate, and help people, and I will do so with a smile on my face even when it pains me.

I stand on a precipice

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Nymphes et satyres, Artist Charles Édouard Delort


Water nymphs. These delightful statues were brought to England from Italy by Whitaker White in 1904 and are currently located at York House Gardens (Twickenham) alongside river Thames (South-West of London).

How right it is to love flowers and the greenery of pines and ivy and hawthorn hedges; they have been with us from the very beginning
—Vincent Van Gogh, The Letters of Vincent van Gogh (via birdsong217)

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The first three in a series of nine erotic miniatures that will later serve as panels in a gorgeously ornate antique lamp. My friends commission me to make the best things!

You should always have a new book in your library; you should always have a full bottle in your cellar and a fresh flower in your garden.
—Epicurus (via philosophy-quotes)

Don’t care if that was actually him or not, good words to live by