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So many new things in life!

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Hi! On a post about Aphoridte, I saw you use the word Psythrysteia. I've tried a google search but haven't turned up much at all. could you tell me what this means?

You’re not likely to find anything because it’s technically made up. You may note I said “my Psythrysteia”. Psythrysteia is the name I’ve given a holiday/holy day I’ve created to Honor Her. It’s based on one of Her epithets: Psithyristês which means whispering. It just made a lot of sense to me to name that particular commemoration after that epithet for personal reasons, so I apologize for the internet goose chase. Thanks for asking though!

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No, I'm not brave enough right now to reach for love.

Okay anon, now we know. What comes next for you?

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i burn like a bonfire
so full of longing
i bleed like a pig
bursting with feeling
i move like a moth
blind and dying
from the pure, excellent heat of You
lay my body down
and i’ll crawl back to You


The Beast awakens,
Hunger strikes and
Passionate lovemaking
Becomes religion.


Pucker up!

Smooches to those who want ‘em, and a happy SPF to you all from gin and Lucifer!

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10,000 posts!

Are you sick of me yet?

Also, I’m really glad to se post 10,000 was a bull, Io Evohe!


🔥Power of Bullzara😈

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