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Laura Zalenga


Love spending time with him <3 

A very late SPF, a la my boyfriend’s very NSFW blog. Can I just say it has been a hell of a ride lately, and that I’m mentally, physically, financially, and spiritually invested in so many things lately that I can barely tell which way is up? Anyway, keep it sexy, keep it classy, and give it all you’ve got!

clover fields


We walk and brush hands
on one another

stumble through open
fields of broken hearts

heartbeat quickens with
the rhythm of your voice

I’ve never felt so fortunate

I’ve spent lifetimes searching
the clover fields for a chance like this


it fell into my lap

like an unopened envelope

I muse over these hands
I’m holding onto

imagine a tomorrow
with your eyes slowly blinking

as it grows dark out,
i entertain the thought
that you once searched the clover
fields as well

call it silly

like me

call me lucky

if anything at all…

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Dispute between Minerva and Neptune over the naming of the City of Athens. 1689-1706.  Rene Antoine Houasse. French 1645-1710. oil/canvas.


Not to be snarky, but shouldn’t the figures be called Poseidon and Athena?

It’s a French artist, the French always use Roman names, sharing the Romance roots with that language. The distinctions are far more clear cut in English than they are in various European tongues.


bout to take the ride of my life

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Detail of my piece “Dionysian”, on display at the Hive Gallery, Los Angeles. #art #drawing #ink #watercolor #satyr #mythology #nature #drinking #RyanEbelt

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